In today's world of tattoos, we have several dozen high-quality, branded tattoo colors on the market, but which are the most used by tattoo masters around the world?

This is a very frequently asked question and the answer to it can be found in this article.

A common question is, I'm looking for a really but really black color.

The answer to this question is clear. In most salons, three to a maximum of four manufacturers are most often used.

The absolute number one, however, is the well-known paint manufacturer Dynamic.

Dynamic will offer you two black shades, Dynamic Black or Dynamic Triple black. What is the difference? Well, of course it's not three times blacker ink :) The difference is very debatable and half of the clients say that the classic Black is better, the other that the Triple. Anyway, the fact is that Triple is a bit denser and shades better with the classic Dynamic :) Of course, at least from our point of view.

The second manufacturer: Panthera - again a manufacturer who has been making black shades since time immemorial. Many artists can't afford the classic XXX, but I recommend buying Liner for lines and not just using XXX for everything. Of course there is a Solution (diluent solution) and then there will be shading beauty :)

Silverback - Again a manufacturer who knows what he's doing. From personal experience, I can confirm that Silverback paints last really long black on the skin. Here I have experience with Stupid black and great :) I definitely recommend. But very often Silverback is bought thanks to them

Gray Wash set (diluted black) - who starts shading, I definitely recommend buying, it's a great helper. :)

Intention and World Famous ink - Both brands have been used a lot in blacks lately. For Intenze jr it is Zuper Black and Suluape Black and for World Famous Black Sabath, Pitch Black + Outlinlining. In this article, however, I rank them fourth in black.

The second frequently asked question is: I'm looking for colorful colors that will last a long time.

Well, here it is necessary to realize that nothing is forever and even so the pigments lose their expressiveness :)

But which colored tattoo colors are the most used among artists in the world?

Intention: King among colors :) The really colorful colors of the manufacturer Intention are not only great right after the tattoo, but also for many years to come. The shades of colors are really pretty rich. The manufacturer, also offers countless shades, a set and everything. It should be noted that this manufacturer has the best world tattoos in its stables, such as Bob Tyrell and many others, who are considered legends in the tattoo industry. The paint is of course from the USA where it is also made. A very interesting and well-taken shade is: Intenze Bright Red, Intenze Lemon Yellow, Intenze Lolipop and many others.

Eternal Ink- second place and really just a hair. Eternal colors are widely used mainly in the USA, they are also seen in most conventions and, among others, in the show Ink masters. I say to myself that you can't reach for Eternal colors. Eternal is an American brand where it is of course made. very interesting shades are for example: Devilish Red, Pink and turqoise and of course many others.

An incredible number of sets, maybe so extremely large that you get a little lost in it :)

World Famous ink: A producer who has not been on the market as long as Intenze or Eternal. But it cannot be said that the color would be bad. World Famous is one of the most used colors in the EU. But what world famous has perfect are crazy colors. Colors such as purple, light pink, orange, etc. These shades have this manufacturer soaked really first and under the skin will dazzle passers-by :)

A big plus, there are also many sets that are allegedly mixed by artists who sign the set :)

Example of interesting shades: Rushmore Magenta, Revolution, Acropo. orange and others.

Don't forget the basics and that we dilute the paints with a solution directly intended for it (Solution), we never use tap water and distilled water only in an emergency.

Of course, you can buy all the brands of colors from this article from Us, accompanied by another 20 world manufacturers, who also have very interesting tattoo colors :)

For our customers we always provide 100% originals in the best quality :)

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