Artificial charcoal for drawing

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Artificial charcoal for drawing

Artificial artistic charcoal made of ground natural with an admixture and compressed into the appropriate shape. Charcoal drawing is great for both seasoned artists and complete beginners. Not only can you create beautiful works of art with your dreams, you can also draw your hand perfectly. In addition, charcoal drawing hides minor shortcomings, so you can try different techniques from blur to hatching. The charcoal holds well on paper, canvas and wood. 

The advantages of artificial charcoal over natural are mainly in its uniform shape, velvety black color and less dust.

It is only necessary to rubberize charcoal with plastic rubber , to which the pigments adhere beautifully. For a longer service life of the drawing, it is advisable to fix the drawing with a fixer. 


Price for 1 piece

Dimensions:  7x7x 5.6mm

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