Beginnings in tattoos and what should I buy for a razor?

Beginnings in tattoos and what should I buy for a razor?



You often ask us: I want to start tattooing and what is better for me? Coil movement or rotary? Will a tattoo kit be enough for me? What to buy next?


The answer is simple: Whenever possible you can buy a rotary tattoo machine of the PEN type and if it is not financially possible, it is better to wait a while, save and then buy. Of course, there are also coil sets that attract with their low purchase value, but there are big ALE-coils are just oldschool. Weight, needle change, vibration and sound make it extremely difficult for you to start tattooing, and you just don't want to. As a beginner, it is necessary to focus on tattoos and not wage war with your machine J. Coils make sense, but only for a narrow variety of people who are already advanced or professionals and of course they buy coils at some level (Lauro, Bavarian, etc.) ). So we have the choice of the machine.


Well, as a beginner you know what you need, that's clear J. However, in this case it is better to buy a ready-made set - of course there is never everything in the set, or on the other hand it is limited by the amount. On the other hand, but you don't have to deal with the power supply, cabling, pedal, etc. - you won't risk the machine running or being compatible with what you buy solo.


Are you a solo player and don't want a set? You just don't like the source or the machine in the set? Ok, you can assemble the set yourself, but in this case I recommend taking the already assembled set as a pattern so that you know what you will need and if you are not sure. If you throw something that shouldn't be there, we'll definitely call you or write and discuss J.


So what set to buy? Simple, it's cheaper



Of course, there are many more of those variants ...


What will you need next?

We may go business against each other, but more or less nothing. The point is that it is necessary to gather some experience in the beginning. We can clearly tell you to buy this, that, and leave your pants with us, but that's not necessary right away. You will train the same way on artificial leather or pig. So try your basic skills and in the first few hours you will find that you need a needle or a poppy, and then you can buy the size you need. Of course, read more Our articles on needle splitting, let you know what you work with and what you mean. Remember that asking is not a criminal offense, so call or write to us at any time. You can easily get the information you need- You're definitely not bothering us - it's our job.