Today we will look at what equipment you will need in your very first steps on the way to becoming a Tatra.
This article will be aimed at customers who have absolutely no equipment and want to start tattooing.
List of tattoo equipment:
1) Tattoo set (always in the beginning it is better to buy a tattoo set and not to assemble the set yourself)
If you have an unlimited financial budget, you can buy a briefcase set where there is a large range of equipment or start straight with better machines, such as the PEN type.
2) Tattoo needles / cartridges - Needles and cartridges can be purchased in various ways if there are only a few of them in the set. In tattoo cartridges, you can start trying others with the Quatat brand later, if you are an amateur you don't know the difference.
You can buy classic needles standard here it's no science.
I always recommend buying more sizes of both needles and cartridges. Meaning: 5x3RL, 5x5RL, 5X7RL, 5X9RL, 5x11RL the same in RS needles and also in M.
Why? Most Tatras only like a few sizes and no longer use the others, so you have to go through it. Needles larger than 11 are useless to you at the very beginning.
3) Tattoo color - If you have only one color in the set or none of them, it is good to buy a whole set of colors.
If you want to start with just a black tattoo, I recommend buying a large bottle of Panthera or Dynamic brand, you will definitely not go crazy.
4) Disinfection - First of all, effective disinfection of the skin - preferably from our Ajatin offer. Secondly on the instruments - preferably again at Us, namely Mikasept.
Of course, other brands can be used.
5) Vaseline- So that you can get a tattoo, you can't do without Vaseline. The area where you tattoo must always be lubricated with Vaseline so that the needle does not stick during the tattoo.
In our shop you can buy either a small Vaseline from the Vitar brand or a larger package from the American brand Dynarex, namely 425g.
Here is a saying that who does not can not go :)
6) Green soap - This is an antibacterial soap supplemented with other active ingredients, suitable for wiping and washing during and after tattooing.
You can buy both concentrates and ready-to-use bottles from us.
7) Hygiene - Each Tatar must have gloves in the best case and a veil (many Tatras do not use the veil badly, they dream of working)
A sterile environment is a matter of course. Next, don't forget paper towels for wiping excess leather ink (the finer the better).
8) Transfer tattoo motif - You will need transfer paper and solution. In our offer you will find a large number of these products so that everyone can come up with their own.
I recommend trying Stencil Stuff + spirit repro FX or Kores. Of course the others are great :)
9) Anesthetics - In the beginning, complete uselessness, later you can buy, for example, the product Derma Numb.
10) Good lighting - You don't have to buy a professional lamp for Tatras, for example, but lighting is the basis.
This should be a basic list of things you will need, of course many things can be replaced from normal life one such example is to replace the stencil transmitter with an ordinary old spice (ball), but it is necessary to take into account that the decal will not be as perfect as when you use the solution that was made for this.
Maybe we helped a little.
All I have to do is wish you good luck and let the machines just smoke :)

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