Vitar EKO Probiotika forte 30 capsules

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Vitar EKO Probiotika forte 30 capsules

Vegan capsules contain a combination of 4 strains of bacteria that can enrich the intestinal microflora. In addition, they contain chicory fiber - inulin and vitamin C, which is very important for the functioning of the human body. It has a positive effect on the immune system, contributes to the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion, and contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, which controls the activity of all organs in the body.

A natural part of the digestive tract is the intestinal microflora, which consists of billions of bacteria. These are important for the functioning of the human body. The harmony of the microflora can be disturbed by a number of influences, such as an unsuitable diet, excessive sugar, acidification of the organism, stress, use of antibiotics.

Active ingredients in 1 capsule and% RHP * 4 probiotic strains: Lactobacillus acidophilus Lactobacillus plantarum Lactobacillus rhamnosus Bacillus coagulans 1.5 billion vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) 80 mg (100%) inulin 100 mg * intake reference value Composition of capsule contents: mixture of probiotic strains (maltodextrin, Bacillus coagulans, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus), inulin - chicory fiber, L-ascorbic acid, anti-caking agent - magnesium stearate. Capsule shell composition: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, dye - titanium dioxide.

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