Vitamin antibacterial Vaseline Tattoo Pharma 300 ml

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Vitamin antibacterial Vaseline Tattoo Pharma 300 ml

Special vaseline of creamy consistency for tattoos.

Vaseline-based cream with a balanced complex of vitamins

It hydrates the skin and gives it the necessary glide during tattooing.

The pure white consistency of the cream does not clog the pores of the skin and can be easily removed with green soap.

It has no shade, allows you to work with any pigments that do not distort color perception.

It contains an emollient component that allows you to apply a small amount of cream and spread it evenly on the skin.

Sage extract has intense antiseptic properties.

Soothes irritated skin and reduces swelling.

During the process, the vitamin complex actively moisturizes the skin and normalizes cell metabolism.

It has an antiphlogistic, antibacterial, soothing effect.


Volume: 300 ml
Not tested on animals

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