Tattoo cartridge AVA AQUA 5 RM

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Tattoo cartridge AVA AQUA 5 RM

Product description: Due to its long-standing popularity and popularity, it is completely unnecessary to introduce the manufacturer AVA. But let's introduce the AQUA cartridge. These cartridges are currently very popular all over the world, thanks to their perfect sharpness and needle strength when tattooing. The needle inside the cartridge is stable, so it cannot happen to you that it will change its path during the tattooing process. The manufacturer also opted for a silicone sleeve, which is supposed to ensure safer handling of the cartridge (holding-changing), and can help reduce vibrations or pressure on your fingers. It goes without saying that each AQUA cartridge is STERILIZED. Compatible with all cartring machines.

Manufacturer description:

The improved tattoo cartridges have a reinforced membrane with a more precise location for ink absorption.
The needles fit tighter to the tips, so they don't vibrate when tattooing
The best 316L German hardness, less needle wear
Sleeve for maximum comfort, grip and control.
The needle is sharper, the ink penetrates the skin more easily, reducing skin lesions.
Quality soldering process, flat surface and bright appearance.
Each cartridge is EO sterilized
The design concept comes from the superhero Aquaman's trident.

Size: 5 (Round Magnum suitable for shading)
Diameter: 12-0.35 mm (Choose the taper and diameter that suits you by clicking on - I WANT TO CHOOSE TAPER AND DIAMETER)
Taper: Long Taper
Use: Tattoo and permanent make-up
Compatible with all catering machines
Sterile, ready to use
Price for 1 Piece (don't forget to take advantage of quantity discounts)

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