Tattoo Pharma Transferillo gel for transferring motifs 125 ml

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Tattoo Pharma Transferillo gel for transferring motifs 125 ml

Transferillo is a gel that is used to transfer the tattoo design onto the skin. It is an ultra-stable transfer gel for the most accurate translation and reliable fixation of the sketch on the skin.

easily applied to the skin and completely absorbed into the transfer paper;
accurately and abundantly translates each line and fixes it on the skin for a long time;
the sketch remains clear even after the use of concentrates and petroleum jelly, even during long sessions;
economical consumption: the gel should be applied in a thin layer, so it lasts for a long time;
suitable for all skin types and can be used with any type of transfer paper.
Transferillo allows you to transfer the drawing with maximum precision - without losing the clarity and saturation of even the smallest lines. Indispensable when working with large-scale and detailed images.
The gel is particularly resistant: the transferred pattern can only be erased with solutions containing alcohol.

How to use Transferillo:

Degrease the area of ​​the future tattoo. The more intensively the skin is degreased, the more durable the folded pattern will be. Apply the required amount of Transferillo in a thin, even layer. If the composition is heavily unevenly applied in places of a thicker layer, slight spreading of the transfer pattern is possible.

Attach the patterned application to the pre-marked area of ​​the skin to allow the composition to soak into the paper. The length of absorption does not affect the durability of the translated lines, 10-30 seconds is enough.

Carefully uninstall the app and get to work.

Volume: 125 ml
Not tested on Animal

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