Rotary tattoo machine Green Fly Metal and tattoo grip

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Raven Gen 2 rotary tattoo machine

 Product description: The Raven rotary tattoo machine is for lovers of classic rotary machines. The manufacturer of this machine is the company MAST. But what interests you Raven? First of all, the machine is very nicely machined - the design is therefore number one. If you look closely, the axis of the motor is solid and made of proper material, which must guarantee a much longer service life. He definitely wants to mention that the machine also has a hardness setting, numbered 1-10 and the world wonders it really works :) Inside the machine we will find a powerful Japanese engine which, if it is your wish, can also handle the machine on a tattoo cartridge :) Of course, this machine is better to use with a classic needle, but the cartridge can be played easily by the machine :) The only thing I would complain about the machine are the gentle vibrations - unfortunately it is common with these types of machines. But I believe that when using a larger grip or rubberizing, these vibrations will be lost and you will enjoy the full power of this machine :)

Package contents :
1x Rotary tattoo machine Raven Gen 2
1x Detailed instructions for operating the tattoo machine

!!! Before we send the machine to you, we will test the machine, so it will not happen that you get a machine that does not work. !!!
The impact force can be adjusted with the upper adjusting screw.
The package includes INSTRUCTIONS for use!
Not sure about choosing the right one for you? Call us, we will be happy to advise you !!

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