PEN STANDART Pink rotary tattoo machine

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PEN STANDART Pink rotary tattoo machine

Advantage of the rotary machine:

Rotary machines are suitable for both beginners and especially for advanced tattoo artists. 

The huge advantage of rotary machines is in their weight!  The weight of the machines is around 90 grams, of course it depends on the model. 
Another advantage of these machines is very smooth and significantly quieter operation. 
Rotary tattoo machine for lines and shading   


The Tat tattoo machine represents the latest revolution in the field of tattoos.  Thanks to the new look, the machine holds up beautifully and completely imitates working with a normal pen.  This can make your tattoo more accurate.  In addition, we now offer it in a beautiful pink color, which will please almost every Tater.

The tattoo machine is adjusted by turning the grip.

Use: Lines and Shading 

Connection: RCA jack 

Engine:  Japanese  (standard) 

Working voltage: 6v-12v

Starting voltage: 6v

Very light machine, with low vibrations.  


1 x Rotary tattoo machine Pen Standard Pink

1 x cable for connecting the tattoo machine to the power supply

1 x Instructions for use

1 x Gift box for storing the machine 

Price for 1 piece

Not sure about choosing the right one for you?  Call us, we will be happy to advise you !!  
!!!  Before we send to you, we test the machine so that it does not happen that the machine comes to you inoperative.  !!! 

OUR REVIEWS: The Pen Standart rotary tattoo machine offers very good quality for popular money.  If you are switching to Foam type machines, this is the right choice for you.  The machines are equipped with a standard Japanese engine (not Chinese) which transmits only very small vibrations and is almost inaudible.  Different colors available. 

Tattoo machines marked: BEGINNERS - are not intended for tattoo parlors.  These machines are only used to train and improve your skills. For tattoo parlors, it is necessary to purchase machines that are directly designed to violate the integrity of human skin, they are marked as: PROFESSIONAL. 

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