MARS ORANGE rotary tattoo machine with magnetic connection

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MARS ORANGE rotary tattoo machine with magnetic connection 

The advantage of a  rotary machine: Rotary machines are suitable for both beginners and especially for advanced tattoo artists.  The huge advantage of rotary machines is in their weight!  The weight of the machines is around 90-120 grams, of course it depends on the model.  Another advantage of these machines is very smooth and significantly quieter operation.  Rotary tattoo machine for lines and shading 

Product description: Yes you read correctly and the magnetic connection. This lazy machine designed for beginners and advanced tattoo artists is the first magnetic connection. This type of connection is nothing new and you have such a charger for your mobile phone :) The connector simply clicks into the machine :) Inside the machine  we find a Japanese engine so you do not have to worry about using cartridges with a fixed membrane , the machine will not have a problem. This machine also works very well, perhaps thanks to its simple design and length of only 10.5 cm. In the grip we find ball bearings, so the regulation of the needle extension is precise and simple. If you are looking for an interesting         threesome for your beginnings as a grandmother, MARS may be right for you :) 


Engine  : Japanese 

Stroke  : 3.5 mm

Connection  : Magnetic (magnetic cable at the machine free of charge)

Color:  Red

Compatible with all tattoo cartridges

Package contents: 

1x Rotary tattoo machine MARS BLACK with magnetic connection 

1x Gift box

1x magnetic cabling 

1x Set of grip rubbers 

!!  Before we send you the machine, we will test it so that it does not happen that the machine comes inoperative.  !!!

The package includes INSTRUCTIONS for use!

Not sure about choosing the right one for you?  Call us, we will be happy to advise you !!

Tattoo machines marked: BEGINNERS - are not intended for tattoo parlors.  These machines are only used to train and improve your skills. For tattoo parlors, it is necessary to purchase machines that are directly designed to violate the integrity of human skin, they are marked as: PROFESSIONAL. 

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