Axys Valkyr Pink variable stroke rotary tattoo machine

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Axys Valkyr Pink variable stroke rotary tattoo machine

Product description: Are AXYS machines really worth it? The answer is clear, it stands. There are no machines on the market for which the stroke can be changed simply without changing the eccentric, but this does not apply to AXYS machines. Not only do you change the stroke in a flash, even when the machine is running, but the difference is really noticeable. We each experienced a stroke change which was a change in quotes and nothing happened. With Axys machines, expect a really noticeable change in the machine's operation, so you can change and adjust the machine in various ways during the tattooing. Do you want to color? Click and is it or is the shading phase? We click and shade and the skin of customers will be less traumatized due to the lower stroke. A huge compliment is for the engine of the machine from the manufacturer MAXON. Today on the market more or less this engine is used by only 2-3 manufacturers - the reason is simple. Maxon engines are expensive and the waiting time for custom production is extreme, but you just want to wait for the quality and that's exactly the MAXON engines :) Viking mythology is back :))) LETS GO AXYS !!


Engine: Maxon- Swiss

Fully American production and assembly.

Made of aluminum 6061-T6, anodized Mil Spec Type II.

The main bearing of American production

5 strokes in one machine, changeable on the fly

Primary range between 7 volts - 10.5 volts

Cunning for life

No maintenance required

100% grip compatibility with Valhall

Connection: RCA

Package contents:

1x Axys Valkyr Pink rotary tattoo machine, variable stroke also for PM

1x Set of spare rubber bands

Does not contain RCA supply cabling. We recommend purchasing L-shaped machines for pen machines.

Manufacturer's talk:

All those times when you had to set up more machines…

Those times are over, because Axys Valkyr gives you the advantage you need to do an incredibly wide range of work. Whether you make first-class black-gray or top-quality lips and eyebrows, Valkyr will not leave you with any unfulfilled desires. What's more, this machine is also a competitive liner, despite being suitable for shading and blending.


Stroke change

1.9 mm, 2.2 mm, 2.6 mm, 2.9 mm, 3.2 mm

This is not just another pen with a rotating handle. With the Valkyr handle, you not only adjust the needle extension, but the stroke adjustment options allow you to choose your stroke. Whatever you need to do, everything is within reach, 5 strokes in 1.

For tattoos and PMU

Valkyr is not just for tattoo artists. It really has no analogues in the world of permanent make-up. This machine does everything and does it all well: powder eyebrows, gentle hair pulls, lip blush, eyeliner, scalp and healthcare.

Fast and convenient

You never have to disassemble the settings to change the intervention. Keep it wrapped. Simply turn the lifting ring in the middle of the machine while running and hit exactly the way you want!

Reduces fatigue

Pen machines have many benefits and reducing fatigue is one of them. Valkyr does this by being lighter, but also by reducing vibration. Your body will thank you from hand to back.


Valkyr does not contain any mechanical tweaks or spring tricks, it is purely high tolerance and good geometry. If you want your life to be much easier and more productive, this is the perfect place to start.


The manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty on this machine for the machine's engine. The warranty period starts from the receipt of the machine. An invoice (proof of purchase) serves as a guarantee certificate.


Do not forget to use our after-warranty service, we service all branded and non-branded tattoo machines, all at reasonable prices.

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