Portable battery adapter EZ P2 Battery Pack

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Portable battery adapter EZ P2 Battery Pack

Product description:

So what do we have here? :) Classic power adapter with RCA terminal, but this time for rechargeable Lithium batteries. At the beginning, a little disappointment with the capacity and it is only 1050 mAh per battery - we already know that you can squeeze more, for example with the Junis adapter, up to 1800 mAh per piece, but on the other hand EZ Portex is lighter and the adapter will be better manipulate at work. The control on the adapter is problem-free - the buttons are raised and do not put up any resistance when handling the power :))) What is needed - the charger is for two batteries, it is not necessary with the Junis adapter. On the display we find the classic: Current voltage, battery capacity in% and of course Timer. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.


Connector: RCA

Rechargeable Li-ion battery 14430

Size: (D) 14.3 * (L) 45.8 mm (± 0.2 mm)

More than 300 charge and discharge cycles

- LED screen with battery and volt indicator

- By briefly pressing, the voltage can be adjusted by 0.1 volts using the + and - buttons

- The voltage can be adjusted by 0.5 volts by long pressing

Package contents:

1x Power adapter

2x Lithium battery

1x Li-ion rechargeable battery charger

1x USB cable (does not include adapter)

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