Premium tattoo cartridge VLADKOS CRISTAL LAKE 17M

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Premium tattoo cartridge VLADKOS CRISTAL LAKE 17M

Already the third generation of Vladkos tattoo cartridges. However, this time we have prepared a real ESO among the cartridges for you. The body of the cartridge is made of medical plastic, the cartridge has a tapered design so that it holds better when working. Of course, there is a strong and safe membrane that will protect your machine from ink leakage. But what is really worth mentioning is the cartridge blade, which is perfect. The Vladkos Cristal Lake cartridge is sharp even after a long job, so you don't have to change the cartridge more often during the tattoo. 

We must also not forget that each Cristal Lake cartridge is 100% sterile and ready to go immediately. 

Our cartridges are compatible with all tattoo machines of all brands such as: Cheyenne, Stigma, Inkjecta, Stigma, FK IRONS, EZ, ELITE, HUMMINGBIRD and many others. 

Since the VLADKOS brand helps both people and animals on their way, we decided to contribute CZK 3 from each cartridge sold, and the dog HOSPIC - dejtenamšanci from Bukovinka. With this post, we hope that we can help the animals at least a little.

Size : 17M  (Magnum-suitable for coloring and shading larger areas)

Diameter of individual needle: 0.35 mm (If there is a box I want to CHOOSE TAPER for the product and the DIAMETER can be changed) 

Taper :  Medium taper

Compatibility : With all tattoo machines on cartridge (Cheyenne, Stigma, Inkjecta, FK IRONS, EZ, ELITE, HUMMINGBIRD and others)

Use : Tattoos and Permanent Makeup

The price is for one piece!

Don't forget to  take advantage of our volume discounts as well. 

Why Vlados Cristal Lake?

1) High quality premium blade

2) Medical plastic

3) Consistent quality

4) Compatibility with all tattoo machines

5) 100% Sterility

6) Safe membrane that protects you machine

7) Suitable for both tattoos and permanent makeup

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