Protective foil after tattoo TATTOOMED 15 cm x 5 m

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Protective foil after tattoo TATTOOMED 15 cm x 5 m

Product description:

A thin self-adhesive film that provides a healing environment during the initial and most critical healing stage of a tattoo. It protects the new tattoo from friction and provides protection against the ingress of water, thanks to which it processes the ingress of pathogens and external contaminants into the wound. The film is harmless, breathable and allows the release of moisture vapor from the wound. The film is secure and stretchable, allowing it to be secured anywhere on the body.

TattooMed® protective film is a medical product for the care of wounds after tattoos.

Thanks to its thin and durable surface, it supports the ideal healing process.




Width: 15 cm

Length: 5 m

reduced scratches

reduced risk of infection

No friction on clothing or other external factors that damage the tattoo

dermatologically tested

Made in Germany

optimize the wound climate

protects against textile friction

by adapting to all parts of the body


hold for a few days

transparent and almost invisible

just scarring

Recommended use and subsequent disposal of the product: Before use on fresh tattoos, it is necessary to leave the tattoo for at least 15 minutes. The tattoo and the area must be completely clean and dry and you can then apply protection. The foil should extend at least 2 cm on each side of the tattoo. Do not use on infected tattoos!

Remove the foil by attaching each corner separately by pulling it to the center. Once all four corners are in the middle, grab the two sides at once and peel off the entire foil. If the glue is too thick, you can use some warm water.

According to the manufacturers of protective foils, the first cover foil for tattoos should not be longer than 24 hours. Subsequently, the tattoo would have to be cleaned and re-glued. You can leave the second cover foil for tattooing for 3-4 days.

The price is for one roll in the package.

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