Decal paper OZER HD Transfer Paper 50 pcs

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Decal paper OZER HD Transfer Paper 50 pcs

Product description:
Ozer decal or transfer paper for transferring tattoo motifs. It consists of three layers. Price for 50 pcs of three-layer decal paper.
Ozer Tattoo Stencil, the best choice for professional tattoo artists looking for reliable and high quality stencil paper. This premium quality paper uses quality dyes that provide exceptional visibility and ensure your tattoo stencil is clear, distinct and easy to read.
One of the most impressive features of Ozer stencils is its compatibility with all skin tones. Regardless of whether your client has light or dark skin, this stencil paper will transfer your design effortlessly with perfect clarity. This means you can focus on creating amazing tattoos without worrying about the quality of the template.

We recommend: Stencil Stuff or Stencil Electrum as an ideal solution for transferring the motif.

Size: 4-Ply Transfer Paper - Tattoo stencil paper is a 4-ply sheet that includes a pattern sheet, protective paper, carbon sheet and backing sheet that measures approx. 21.3 x 30.5 cm, which can be cut into smaller sheets for more use.

DON'T FORGET TO REMOVE THE COVERING PAPER BEFORE DRAWING THE MOTIVE! It is also important to always let the motif dry (ideally 15 minutes)

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