Intenze Ink Periwinkle 30ml tattoo ink

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Intenze Ink Periwinkle 30ml tattoo ink

Volume  : 30ml

Shade: Periwinkle tattoo color
It is excellent for shading as well as for filling large and small areas.
With this tattoo ink, it is a great tattoo, and it heals very well.
It excels in its longevity and even after healing, the colors on the tattoo remain clear and vibrant.
Color intentions are made in the USA.
The colors purchased from us are original and meet EU tests.

OUR REVIEWS:   There isn't a tattoo artist that has never had this color :) The Intenze brand has been on the market since prehistoric times and is very popular, both in our country and abroad. Intenze tattoo colors guarantee quality and long-lasting tattoos.  

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