Inked Army Vaselinum Calendula Vaseline 1000 ml

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Inked Army Vaselinum Calendula Vaseline 100 ml

Vaselinum Calendula - Vaseline with marigold extract. Tattoo Vaseline containing extracts of marigold to support skin regeneration. Calendula officinalis is part of the Asteraceae family and is said to have its historical roots in the North African Atlas Mountains.
In Central Europe, marigold has been used since the 12th century. It is one of the best known medicinal herbs and its various ingredients are used in many medical fields.

Active substance:
Marigold helps heal and close wounds and also supports the growth of new cell tissue. It is also anti-inflammatory and is considered cleansing, suppresses swelling and soothes pain.

Applications during and after tattooing:
Vaseline is used in tattoos to maintain the elasticity of the skin and to easily and gently remove excess tattoo color. It can also be used as an after care. Vaseline has a pharmacopoeial quality and meets the requirements of DAB. Recommended for medical purposes.

- Contains marigold extracts
- Yellow color
- Vegan
- Not prone to germs
- Meets DAB requirements
- Recommended for medical purposes
- The consistency is similar to the consistency of tattoo butter
- Can also be used as a tattoo care
- Content: 100 ml

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