Inked Army Vaseline Aloe 1000 ml

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Inked Army Vaseline Aloe 1000 ml

The extracts from Aloe plant and Bergamotte in this Tattoo Vaseline protect the tattooed skin in front of the coat.

Aloe Vera grows in the most tropical and subtropical regions of the world. You also have the name "Kaiserin der Heilpflanzen" and your year-old old tradition.

In the field of nature, this plant still has a long range, around 200 unspecified substances from Aloe Vera plants are widely defined and grown. You are involved in other treatments, including skin diseases or joint pains. In addition, they have cool and moisturizing properties that are used at the Tatras as very necessary.

Application changing and after the tattoos
Vaseline is used in tattoos, which makes the top-notch and occasionally remove and clean the tattoo colors. You can also use it after After Care after tattooing and care for Tattoos. Our Vaseline has the quality and quality of the requirements of the DAB. You are recommended for medical purposes.


Extracts with Aloe Vera and Bergamotte
Not applicable for swimming pools
Decision of the requirements of the DAB
Recommended for medical purposes
Extra Hart
The consistency of a tattoo tattoo
Can also be used as a tattoo after care
Content: 1000 ml

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