Inked Army Lock Down 100 ml

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Inked Army Lock Down 100 ml

The tattoo surface of the future in the tattoo market. You close yourself after the tattoo, stop the bleeding and it will help the hygienic healing of the tattoo

The special Lock Down formula ensures that the pores of the freshly printed ink close tightly and the teams work to stop bleeding and secretion immediately. In addition, no germs, etc. will remain on freshly printed hair.
The advantage of using Lock Down is that after the tattoo you can choose clothes again as usual - and foil is no longer necessary!
The clothes are also not dirty and the tattoo is protected by rapid drying from the entry of germs.
The healing process begins right after the tattoo is completed.


Clean fresh tattoos
Apply LOCK DOWN sparingly
The wound warms up
The pores close, the tattoo dries
No more blood and wound secretion
Cotton can be worn done over tattoos
For fresh tattoos treated with Lock Down technology (no wool / fleece / etc.) Wear only smooth textiles. Lock Down contains, among other things, ethanol, which can cause heating or slight burning of the paint, which is perfectly normal.


No more foil needed
The skin is exposed and can breathe
The healing process begins right after the tattoo is completed
The pores gradually close
Protects against germs

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