DC EZ Cord Master Pro Black

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DC EZ Cord Master Pro Black

Product description:

DC Cord Master is suitable for tattoo machines with an outlet for a DC connector such as EZ filter V2 and others. 

EZ Master Pro is specially designed with durability and flexibility in mind.

The high-quality cable with a silicone sheath with improved flexibility enables smooth and trouble-free operation of the tattoo machine.


Durable lightweight design

Red color

Coated: silicone

Length: 1.8m

Weight: 40g

Connection: DC

This is a cable connecting the tattoo machine to the power supply.

EZ cord creates a stronger and more stable connection with the tattoo machine.

 Tip: To prolong the life of the cable, we recommend having the cable always pulled together with electrical tape at the bend - this applies to all types of cables (The more, the better).

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