Battery tattoo machines - their classification and advantages

Technological progress in tattooing is unstoppable. What will we discuss today? The answer is clear: battery operated machines (wireless).

The main perhaps most important division is

1.) a device for a rechargeable adapter (the adapter usually contains a display and is charged directly like a phone)

the adapter is further divided into:

- permanently built inside the movement (cannot be changed)

- replaceable, e.g.: FK Irons Flux (you can buy more adapters, and in case of discharge or malfunction, the batteries can be changed)

2.) machine for rechargeable Li-ion batteries (batteries are inserted into the movement in the same way as, for example, into the controller, the batteries can be changed and are also available in specialized electrical stores)

Now you must ask what is better? From my point of view, it's clearly a replaceable Li-ion battery for a reason: You can buy an infinite number of Lithium batteries, so you charge them, throw them in a drawer and just change them while tattooing. Actually, I didn't come up with many shortcomings, from experience I can only think of the fact that you have to constantly remove the top cover to insert or remove the movement, cheaper movements can have lower quality and then there is a bad contact, but that is really exceptional, the second minus is that you put the battery the opposite field and you will destroy the movement, which, on the other hand, is marked on both the battery and the movement, so you have to have your thoughts elsewhere for that to happen :)

The disadvantage of rechargeable adapters is clear - the first is the price, one replaceable battery costs 290 CZK, the rechargeable adapter for FK IRONS FLUX costs 6 thousand. Furthermore, there is the disadvantage of the possible destruction of the connector - if you break the charging connector in the adapter, it is a big problem... another disadvantage is a possible malfunction - it happens that in adapters the cable inside is disconnected or something fails - the repair is almost impossible and it is necessary to buy again new adapter (of course if you don't have the machine under warranty)

Each has its pluses and minuses.

If you are wondering what machines to buy, here we will give you a few options - according to the current offer.

Replaceable batteries:

Cheaper machines: ELITE FLY V3, AVA EP9, MAST LANCER currently most popular with our customers

More expensive: Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited (currently made in three stroke designs)

Charging the adapter:

Cheaper: ELITE FLY V2, AVA EP8, Hummingbird Staves

More expensive: The king among kings, FK IRONS FLUX and FLUX MAX - if you have the money for this machine, I definitely recommend it. A manufacturer that is technologically many kilometers ahead of the competition.

And if you don't know what to do, just give us a call :)